Professional Public Addressing Hi-Fi Sales


Sigma was established on October 23, 1995 in ANKARA, aiming to deliver Professional Sound & Hi-Fi components and complete systems to the professionals and to the Hi-Fi music lovers with the principle of complete customer satisfaction.

Sigma has expertise and successfully continues her business in the following areas:

  • Hi-Fi Systems
  • High End Hi-Fi Systems
  • Radio / TV / Recording Studios & Equipment
  • Public Address / Background Music / Paging Systems
  • Emergency Paging Systems
  • Conference Systems
  • Sound Reinforcement Systems

Sigma is representing many well-known international companies in Turkey and doing her best to assure customer satisfaction with her highly specialized small team of audio professionals. In association with the finest component and device manufacturers, Sigma develops custom-made satisfactory solutions for her fastidious customers. Attached page indicates the names of some of our customers.

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