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Learning from the Award Winner

THORENS® launches two models alongside the award-winning TD 309 turntable: the TD 206 and TD 209. Both models are set at a considerably lower price point than their senior sibling and aimed at newcomers seeking highest build and sound quality.

At the HIGH END trade show in Munich, THORENS® will be launching the TD 206 and TD 209, two fully featured plug-and-play turntables for ambitious newcomers. Installation is quick and easy: getting the deck set up and playing the first bars of music from a spinning record is a matter of minutes. Both models come with a pre-installed tonearm complete with a high-quality MM pick-up cartridge, interconnects and even a spirit level and a stylus balance. Both models, including the THORENS® TP 90 tonearm, are manufactured in Germany.

The TD 206 and TD 209 share a number of features with the multi-award-winning THORENS® TD 309, named “European Turntable of the Year” by the EISA jury of experts.

The new models borrow crucial elements such as the drive unit and the bearing damping from their older sibling. The TD 209 also takes styling cues from the uniquely shaped TD 309, while the TD 206 follows classic rectangular designs and includes a dust cover.

Available from June in red, white or black, both turntables will cost 998 euros (RRP).

THORENS® CEO Heinz Rohrer comments: “You won’t be able to hear the true quality of vinyl with cheaply made turntables. Many of the products on offer in that price bracket are bad compromises. On the other hand, there’s no sense in building ultra-expensive turntables that will cater only to a handful of well-heeled buyers. Our target group is the middle ground: music lovers who are knowledgeable and ambitious, but not blessed with limitless financial resources – and instead, perhaps, blessed with an insatiable hunger for records. We want to thrill newcomers and entice those returning to this hobby to retrieve their record collection from the loft. Vinyl records are not relics. They capture the sound of the truth. Delivering this message was our motive in developing the TD 206 and the TD 209.”

TD 206 / TD 209 – Technical Details

• servo-controlled, silent-running DC motor
• adjustable belt tension for optimal drive force
• two-part aluminium/acrylic platter
• new TP 90 tonearm with Japanese precision bearings
• adjustable VTA, azimuth and overhang
• Made in Germany

Plinth. Both the TD 206 and TD 209 plinths are precision- cut from a single piece of MDF, a material that offers excellent acoustic properties and can be machined to very tight tolerances – even in mass production environments. The three feet can be conveniently adjusted from above to ensure level and secure positioning.

Platter. The platter is made from two layers of materials, chosen for their different resonant characteristics. The lower layer consists of damped aluminium, the second layer of black acrylic. A thin coated paperboard between the two layers decouples them from one another.

Drive Unit. The drive unit is borrowed from the TD 309. It allows you to adjust the belt tension and fine-tune the platter speed. The servo-controlled DC motor drives the sub-platter, which is made from high-grade plastic, via a specially developed THORENS® flat belt.

Tonearm TP 90. The new TP 90 tonearm is based on the tried-and-tested TP 92 included with the award-winning TD 309. Like the TP 92, the TP 90 uses an ultra-low-friction, highperformance bearing as well as an arm tube that is made from rolled aluminium and damped using RMR (Reduced Modal Resonance) technology. The shape of the headshell ensures that the pick-up cartridge’s centre of gravity is always directly underneath the tonearm tube, thus preventing torsional vibrations. The anti-skating force is provided by two ferrite magnets, avoiding any friction. Overhang can be adjusted either by sliding the headshell into the desired position on the tube or by adjusting the entire tube in the bearing block. VTA can be adjusted with the help of spacers.

Finishes. Both models are available in red, white or black lacquer.

Pricing. The recommended retail price (Germany) for the TD 206 / TD 209 is 998 euros (incl. 19% VAT) each complete with tonearm, cartridge and accessories.

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