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'HiFi World - Loudspeaker Cable of the year 2012' : BLACK RHODIUM TWIST

Twisted to fight off radio frequency interference, a big problem traditionally for those living close to major radio and TV transmitters, the Twist has new application. These days we are surrounded by wi-fi transmitters and other sources of unwanted high frequency interference, such as that from mobile phones and Bluetooth links. No surprise then that the Black Rhodium Twist loudspeaker cable should bring "a sense of clarity and focus to the musical presentation as a whole" .

"This presentation, lacking in damaging distortion, provided a purer translation. The acoustic guitar was both precise and sparkling with a metallic definition that contrasted well with the ethereal backing vocal. The latter vocal and guitar provided the most characterful presentation thus far, teasing apart the often complex arrangement" we said. It is "beautifully designed and so easy on the ear, with a remarkable price". Simple but effective the Twists were worthy winners we felt.


Thorens’s “Grey Spirit”

Grey stone under black vinyl

A new material for the mega-seller: Thorens now offers a special version of its award-winning TD 309 turntable – with a chassis made of solid slate.

An ideal natural material for fans of vinyl – which producers of turntables, however, have been hesitant to use: slate provides extraordinary damping effects and the perfect mix of weight and amorphous structure. The only snag was that the natural material did not meet the rules for high-precision mass production. At least that was the case until now. But after a long quest and intensive research, Thorens has finally come up with a solution: high-strength slate imported especially for Thorens and processed with great precision.

After an initial test phase, Thorens CEO Heinz Rohrer decided to first use slate in the award-winning TD 309 (e.g. 2010/11 EISA award by AUDIO magazine, Germany, issue 3/2010, test result: “outstanding price-ratio performance”). A special version of the TD309 has a chassis made of solid slate – the TD 309 GS. And there’s more: Thorens is continually expanding its “Grey Spirit” series and now offers an optional sub-chassis which features the characteristic colour of the material and is suitable for all available Thorens designs. The “GS” chassis itself can also be ordered separately as a tuning option for all TD 309 turntables.

The improvement in sound is impressive: “We were astonished to see the huge increase in smoothness and dynamics”, says Heinz Rohrer, CEO at Thorens. Data which not only convinced audio experts at Thorens, but was also clearly evident in the first test results. The sedimentary rock does not have a sound of its own and is ideal due to its great intrinsic damping effects and its amorphous layered structure. At the same time and despite its audiophile performance, it preserves energy and forms a precise basis for smooth running and extremely tight bass information – a feature which leads to better imaging and depth.

Last but not least: The “Grey Spirit” series also brings out the beauty of the natural stone – timeless aesthetics of lasting value.


The first new product to hit the stores before Xmas is the OBH-15mk2 Phono Pre-amp. Available now in two finishes, this excellent new pre-amp is more than a replacement for the original OBH -15. It is a completely new and exceptionally high-performing Pre-amp with features not normally found on products at this price (£300).

The engineering team at Creek Audio has always loved the benefits of vinyl records and continues to work on technical and sonic improvements to its range of Phono amp options, be it the stand-alone OBH or Wyndsor or plug-in Sequel types. Tasked with designing a replacement for the long running OBH-15, the team came up with some valuable improvements and additional features; surprisingly they made them all fit into the original OBH-sized casework.

The OBH-15 mk2 has a completely new circuit design, with a discrete transistor MC and integrated circuit MM stage. Unlike its predecessor, the new amp has multiple gain settings and matching capabilities for capacitance and resistance. The signal required by most modern amplifiers is described as being 'LINE' level which is, in technical terms, between 200 and 500 milli-Volts sensitivity with a flat frequency response. Unless your amplifier has a specific 'Phono' or Disc input, the level will be too low to play vinyl and the frequency response will be wrong. The OBH-15 mk2 is small device designed to boost the signal and introduce an R.I.A.A. frequency response characteristic to provide the most accurate reproduction of the recording.

The OBH-15 mk2 is small and very stylish. Designed to complement the Creek full sized range, it has an impressive solid aluminium front panel with either a silver or black finish. Its extruded black aluminum case is fitted with turned aluminium disc feet and sound absorbing bumpons.


The big news from Creek in Munich this month is the exciting announcements of forthcoming product releases that, among other things, will see it enter the 'new age' of digital audio reproduction at prices Creek is long renowned for.

The first of these new products to be released will be the OBH-15mk2 MM/MC Phono amplifier. This direct replacement for the original OBH-15 contains completely new circuitry developed by Creek's multi-talented analogue engineer - David Gamble. With two switched inputs, it will suit most MM and MC cartridge types, with gain options of 40, 50, 60 and 70dBs. A range of resistance and capacitance options can also be selected from a bank of piano key switches underneath its body. Expected available is from July/August, depending on region. Price £300 in the UK, including sales tax..

The next eagerly awaited release is the EVOLUTION 50A integrated amplifier, also developed by David Gamble. This flexible new amplifier features 4 line inputs, balanced and unbalanced power-amp inputs and one pair of speaker outputs from its all-new 50 Watt power amp. In an unusual step, Creek will no longer offer a matching tuner but instead, an optional plug-in FM/AM tuner with all the performance. As with all Creek integrated amplifiers, the EVOLUTION 50A has the ability to be fitted with an optional Sequel Phono card for MM or MC cartridges. Expected available is from August/September, depending on region. Price £550 in the UK, including sales tax..

To compliment the new integrated amplifier Creek has developed a digital product, in collaboration with John Westlake and Dominik Peklo, offering a host of novel features and facilities. The EVOLUTION 50D is a CD player, high-end DAC and digital Pre-amp that sees Creek Audio entering into the world of digital connectivity and computer-based music storage. Primarily, this product should be seen as a very high-end DAC, with flexible digital pre-amp and built-in Slot Loading CD transport. At its heart, lies a 'British-made' XMOS event-driven multi-threaded 32 bit 8 core processor, programed to providing it with USB and SPDIF input, digital pre-amp with volume control, selectable filtering, sample-rate conversion, clock locking to external devices and several other novel features, including a 'Bit Perfect' test and analogue bit-depth enhancement. To enable it to provide its shattering audio performance, the EVOLUTION 50D's contains 2x ESS SABRE DACs running in a 'Dual Differential' configuration, for increased dynamic range and lower noise. The balanced audio output of each DAC feeds a discrete transistor 'Class A' current regulated 'CROSSII MOSFET' buffer circuit, that also acts as a 'Class A' headphone amplifier output, controlled with a digital volume control. Expected availability is from September/October, depending on region. Priced in line with the Evolution 50A at £550 in the UK, including sales tax..

Finally, Creek Audio will offer a new DAC for the first time since its famous OBH-14 went out of production. This half-width DAC/Pre-amp will share all the features of the EVOLUTION 50D, except the CD transport. However, it will be fitted with a built-in FM/AM analogue tuner, as standard, designed to work automatically in all regions. .


Epos, is very proud to announce the release of the new Elan series of loudspeakers.

The new range takes over from the older Mi series and utilises all that we learnt during the development of the Epic.

This new range is not only cosmetically stylish but also sonically enchanting and will leave you wanting to rediscover your entire music library.

The range is made up of four loudspeakers; The Elan 10 small stand-mount speaker, The Elan 15 stand-mount speaker and two floor-standing models being the Elan 30 and the Elan 35. All models are available in both a Black Oak and Cherry finish.

Have a look at the new product pages to find out more:

Elan 10 - Elan 15 - Elan 30 - Elan 35

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