"A lot of other phonostages allow for various levels of configurability, but none (at least none in this price range) offer the variety of settings and options available from the Wyndsor.

…Most memorable is the recent ORG offering 45 rpm of Weather Report’s seminal album, Heavy Weather. Of the hundreds of times I’ve listened to this recording in its various iterations, I’ve never enjoyed it as thoroughly as I do through the Wyndsor. The solid, weighty bass line on this exquisite disc makes for much foot tapping and big grins during this listening session.

…If your taste falls more to solo vocals or acoustic music, the Wyndsor delivers, offering a delicate midrange, along with a healthy dose of pace and timing.

…The Wyndsor proves equally nimble with dense recordings.

…The Windsor keeps it all well sorted, without becoming a gigantic blob of noise—a job well done.

…Thanks to the power supply and circuit refinements, the Wyndsor offers quite a bit more sound quality and flexibility compared to the plethora of phonostages in the highly contested $1,000 range. There are a few single input units in this price range offering even more performance, but if you’re like me, then part of your joy in the hobby comes from having multiple tables, tonearms and cartridges. Such being the case, the Wyndsor should be at the very top of your list.”

Jerold O’Brien - AnalogAholic